1/13/2019 - Hiring Javascript Coder for Custom Plugin

Hello again, everyone!

Starheart has a custom skill system where you learn skills by practicing ones you already have. This system is fully tested and operational; it uses RPGMaker's variable, switch, and common event system to track your progress, and then confirm your skill learning - you'll be able to learn a few skills in the demo upon release.

That said, each character has a particular skill tree that's meant to represent something; Ari's was inspired by a combination of a single line (for her pole-based weaponry) and a rising star. Or is it setting?

This imagery is, unfortunately, not currently represented in the game. However, it would be amazing if we can find a coder familiar with RPGMaker and Javascript in order to implement it! 

A few other, somewhat more technical notes...

  • The skill tree itself would not be class dependent; you would customize what skills would be shown, and their positions. Skills could be moved around to fit an image (eg BK VK Equip with its equipment icons/backdrop image)
  • Unlearned/unlocked skills would be shown with a custom icon (eg ???); right now my system utilizes switches to confirm the skill learning, maybe they could be dependent on one another?
  • Later switches could add additional skills to specific positions (eg, in the example image, if a character did a sidequest they could gain a skill unrelated to class/level progression; there'd be a plugin command/script that would decide where it'd go or whatever)
  • The Master(y) is a system I'm not set on; however, the idea is that X is a number-[variable]. Same with the Unlock mechanic [verbage not final]; X[number-{variable}] uses of Y[eg First Aid, skill 005] skill. However, ultimately the text below the skill name could be custom-created by the user; it'd just be able to utilize variables and the like.

This would be a paid item. If you believe you're able to do this, please go ahead and reach out to me through knottedkorde at gmail period com.

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